News Alert 9. The CulturalBase Worshop 2: Final Summary

Researchers, stakeholders and policy makers had the opportunity to debate a set of topics regarding Europe’s identity and cultural heritage and to put forward priorities for future research and policy programmes in the second and final CulturalBase Workshop (Florence, Italy, 1 and 2 December).

With the title ‘Rethinking research and policy agendas on cultural heritage and European identities’, Workshop 2 aimed, through  expert input, to contribute to improve quality of life, feelings of security and of trust across Europe.

The synthetic summary of this second workshop is now available on this website (click here to access the document). Its concluding remarks recognize the role of heritage for reconciliation and the danger of emphasizing heritage dissonances which, in turn, may also be used by populists in nationalistic and exclusionary approaches.

The Global Governance Programme of the European University Institute, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies hosted the workshop. The CulturalBase project is implemented by a consortium of several European partners, among which is Interarts, and is funded by Horizon 2020.

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