Workshop 2

Workshop 2

CulturalBase. Second Workshop Florence, 1-2 December 2016

“Rethinking Research and Policy Agendas on Cultural Heritage and European Identities” is the second, and last, of the two workshops foreseen in the framework of the CulturalBase project.

The workshop was held in Florence (Italy) and convened researchers, stakeholders and policy-makers in the wider field of European cultural studies. It offered a further opportunity to discuss priorities for future research and policy programmes with cultural heritage managers/decision makers –  from both public and private organisations who make decisions and create synergies in this domain about projects, programmes and policies. Grassroots stakeholders were also involved in the discussion: smaller organisations but also larger networks that work on the ground with heritage and the arts.

The scope of the workshop was to engage in dialogue and build a new research and policy agenda for European cultural heritage and for European identity/ies now, when it needs to creatively rethink what it is that holds us Europeans together, what sets us apart, how we are different from other continents, what is unique in our culture(s), and indeed how do we deal with our conflicts and diversity.

The workshop is organized by the Global Governance Programme of the European University Institute, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, one of the partners of the CulturalBase: Social Platform on Cultural Heritage and European Identities project, funded by Horizon 2020.

Please click below to access the results of the workshop 2.

WORKSHOP SUMMARY: download pdf file.

WORKSHOP PROGRAMME: download pdf file.