News alert 3. Synthetic reports per axis

From the state-of-the-art analysis in each thematic field and the results of the first Workshop, the axis leaders have written a synthetic report for each of the three project axis (cultural memory, cultural inclusion and cultural creativity). These reports are:

  • The mapping of the existing research and related policies from the corresponding thematic perspective, highlighting main research themes and policy programmes within it.
  • The gathered evidence about gaps and opportunities for further research from the corresponding perspective emerging from the contrast between research and policy, as well as from the predominant views among researches, policy-makers and practitioners.
  • A justification of the Thematic Areas selected for the analysis during the second phase of the project from the perspective of the corresponding axis.

Please click below to access the reports.

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Synthetic Report on Cultural Memory

Synthetic Report on Cultural Inclusion

Synthetic Report on Cultural Creativity

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