Expected results


Despite the fact that the major aim of a social platform is not to produce scientific outputs, CulturalBase expects to produce the following unique results:

  • A general view of the existing research and related policies around the three axes and Thematic Areas identified in CulturalBase.
  • A focused research agenda consensuated by the CulturalBase
  • Synthetic review reports per axis (memory, inclusion and creativity).
  • A networked community of established scholars as well as emerging scholars and PhDs who have agreed a specific work agenda and achieved specific objectives.
  • A series of contributions in leading international and national peer-reviewed journals, reviews and periodicals aimed at the scientific community.
  • Ideas for enriching courses currently taught and for developing new academic teaching material for major high-education institutions at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Photo “Markthal, Rotterdam” by “Frans de Wit” is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0